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Tattoo 1.2

Easy-to-use QuickTime Interactive Movie Editor

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Macworld (July, 2002) reviewed Tattoo, and we received 4 Mice.

MacAddict (June, 2002) chose Tattoo as the Shareware Pick of the Month.

Tattoo was featured in the Apple's QuickTime newsletter.

"It's a really sweet piece of software. We can take practically untrained undergrads, sit them in front of our video station, and have them churning out customized QT files in no time." -- S. Pennington

"This is one of the killer apps on OS X. ...It's a fantastic product! It's the best twenty bucks or so that I ever spent. Thanks!" -- B. Brafford

"Tattoo is REALLY EXCELLENT!!!! I've been waiting for such a program ever since I found out that QT5 supports skins." -- J. Sanchez


Why Tattoo?

System Requirements


The latest release version (1.2) is available for download. You're free to evaluate Tattoo as long as you like. During evaluation, the save command is disabled, and there will be a "Made with Tattoo" message on each exported movie. After paying and registration, you have complete control on your movies. Tattoo won't add any visible elements about Feelorium or Tattoo on them.


  1. Release Notes
  2. Tips
  3. Tutorial 1: Die Cut Movie
  4. Tutorial 2: Movie in a Hole


The price of Tattoo (Single User License) is just US$23. Site License and World-wide License are also available.

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