Maspion Brief History

MASPION GROUP was established in 1965 in Surabaya as a home industry using simple technology, modes equipment, and only eight employees. Driven by a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, Mr. ALIM HUSIN has realized his vision of turning the MASPION GROUP in to a prominent business force in Indonesia. This mission is supported by his sons, Mr. ALIM MARKUS, Mr. ALIM MULIA SASTRA, Mr. ALIM SATRIA and Mr. ALIM PRAKASA. In recent years, a number of independent career executives have also dedicated their efforts to the success of the MASPION GROUP.

Today, the Maspion GROUP is one of Indonesia's most respected groups of companies, employing approximately 25,000 people in its five industrial parks in East Java and Cibitung, Jakarta.

Beginning with only the metal cookwares producer 23 years ago, MASPION GROUP has now entered into a new era of manufacturing Plastic wares, PVC Pipes, Electronics Hone Appliances Stainless Steel Wares, aluminium Products (sheets, foils, roofings, extrusions, kitchen-ware & non-stick cookwares), Steel Enamelling, Chemical Product (Expandable Polystyrene), Steel Pipes by employing professionals and related experts in their respective fields and by using most modern equipments with advanced technologies.

MASPION GROUP has been expanding tremendously by setting up many joint-venture companies with reputable leading foreign companies like hte followings:


There are still many more promising ventures under negotiations and yet to come. We are also expanding into financial & banking systems, securities, insurances and properties. 

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