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Kowloon KH3 Monday 6.30 pm Men Only  KH3
Hong Kong H4 Monday 6.00 pm Men Only  H4 
Ladies LH4 Tuesday 6.45 pm Mainly Ladies LH4 
Little Sai Wan H3 Wednesday 6.45pm Mostly anybody LSW
Northern NTH3 Wednesday 7.00 pm Mixed (up ?) N2TH3
South Side H3 Thursday 6.30 pm Men Only  SSH3
Hong Kong Friday H3 Once a month - Friday 7:00 pm Open To All   HKFH3 
Wanchai WH3 Sunday 4.00 pm Men and goodlookers   WH3 
Sek Kong SKH3 Sunday 4.00 pm ex-Camp Followers   SKH3 
Free China H3 Saturday pm All- once a month  FCH3
Sai Kung Saturday Hash 3rd Saturday of the Month (3.45pm) All  SKSH3
Hong Kong Hash Babes Every two(2)months Saturday pm(time??) Girls Only - and who dares HKHHB
T8(The Dangerous) H3 At Typhoon Signal 8  All who dare  T8H3 

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