My favourable artists (1):

Reinhard Mucha

Born in 1950 in Duesseldorf.
Studied at Staatliche Kunstakadamie Duesseldorf

Flak, 1991
Many years ago Mucha mentioned the concept of "collective biography" in my presence. He did not mean it in terms of something common which links us all, but as something which seperates us from one another. A consensus on something shared in common is always readily forthcoming. Whereas that which seperates us from one another is in truth our collective biography, for it is only via that which seperates us that we can quite literally construct what is common to us. Mucha devotes himeself to protraying this painful process. To this extent he constructs something that is the loneliness of both the artwork and the observer in such a manner that we can comprehend it and thus overcome it, i.e. as catharsis.
- Jean Christophe Ammann, MMK director

Mutterseelenallein  (1989)

Wartesaal , 1979-82/1997 (1983)
dX, Kassel



(above 5 & below 1 photos; jl 1999, at Karlsruhe ZKM-MNK)

                                                 ¦³Ãö Reinhard Mucha  (¿p®L) ªº¤¤¤å°Ñ¦Ò¤å³¹,
                                                 ¨£¶ø§Q¨Èªº<<¶W¯ÅÃÀ³N>>­¶58, ¤Î 126-127.

jaspar Lkw 2000