The Hello Kitty Flower Mazes

Sorry. This puzzle is a JAVA applet and you are not JAVA enabled


Guide Hello Kitty around the maze and collect all the flowers. Use the edge buttons (or cursor keys) to make Kitty move. Kitty will move in a straight line until she hits a wall. You can then click again. Beware Kitty can get stuck in a dead-end, if this happens click on RESTART to begin the maze again.

You have been given ten skill points for free. Each time you complete a maze you will will be awarded extra skill points. Up to six points for the hardest mazes. You must click on NEXT MAZE to receive your extra skill points. Beware, each time you restart a maze you will loose one skill point. You will also loose one skill point if you move on to the next maze without clearing the current one. A skill of 15 is Good, 20 is Very Good, 25 is Excellent and 30 is just plain brilliant!

If the maze does not appear properly click anywhere on the maze area to refresh the maze. This does not affect you skill score.

Special thanks to by Andrea Gilbert for developing these mazes.
You can visit her website at:
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