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Ka Wah Toys
We produce Toys for exports in past years. Thank you for your supports.

The purpose of  this wensite is to list our new toys with photos for our customers update.

In this website there are 5 pages in total.
This page is the HOME page. We list all the item no. and name of our toys- PRODUCT-LIST herebelow.
At the bottom of this page -HOME is the correspondance of our Company.

We hoist our hot  toys with photos into another 4 pages.  They are classified into 4 main groups.

If you want to go through all the pictures of our products. Please go to the PRODUCT-LIST and click on the Page Number. You will reach the page directly. (example you click "Page1....." and you go to Page1.). After you have finishd reading one page and want to go to a new page, please click [Product List] at page-top or page-bottom   to go back to the PRODUCT-LIST and you can select another page.

If you want to see a particular toy, please find out the Product- number and click on the number and you will reach the photo of the toys right a way.
(Hints: Use the right-click of your mouse on the photo and select" View Image(xxx.jpg)". You will see the enlarged photo.)  

Hope this website can help you understanding more about our toys. Looking forward to have business with you soon.

Any inquiries, please send to pongmart@netvigator.com (for the attention of Mr Martin Pong).


Product List:-(Please "click" the Page number for the product photos and descriptions)

Page 1 - Construction Truck Series
PE 2055 Dump Truck
PE2056 Mixer Truck
PE2057 Shovel Truck
PE2058 Crane Truck
PE2059 Super Missile Truck
PE2050 4-Wheel Cycle
PE2002 Sand Toy Set - Dump Truck with 11pc of Sand Toys packed in a poly bag
PE2004 Sand Toy Set- Dump Truck with 7pc of Sand Toys packed in a poly bag
PE2008 Sand Toy Set- Dump Truck with 5pc of Sand Toys packed into a net.
PE2006 Sand Toy Set- Dump Truck with 3pc of Sand Toys packed into a net
PE2007 Dump Truck with Water-wheel
PE2003 Sand Toy Set- Dump Truck with 5 Sand Toys packed in a net


Page 2- Beach and Sand Toys
PE1028 Huge Yacht
PE1033 Mini Yacht
PE1034 Sand Push Truck
PE1025 Ooze Sand Wheel
PE1026 Water Wheel
PE1030 Mini Shovel Truck
PE1027 Mini Sail
PE1016 Cubic Water Bucket
PE1015 Bucket with Sand Wheel Set
PE1014 Mini Water Bucket
PE1035 Huge Circular Bucket
PE1013 Huge Watering Pot
PE1012 Mini Watering Pot
PE1010 Huge Spade
PE1009 Huge Shovel
PE1011 Huge Rake
PE1007 Medium Shovel
PE1008 Medium Rake
PE1006 Mini Shovel
PE1004 Mini Rake
PE1003 Mini Spade
PE1002 Micro Rake
PE1005 Mini Sieve
PE1001 Micro Spade
PE2051 Sand Toy Set (C)- Bucket with 4 pc sand-tools
PE1017 Sand Mould - Crab
PE1018 Sand Mould- Frog
PE2005 Huge Yacht with 10pc of Sand Toys packed into a polybag
PE2001 Huge Yacht with 6pc of Sand Toys. packed in a polybag
PE2053 Push-truck with 6pc of Sand Toys
PE2062 Cubic Bucket with 4 sand toys
PE2064 Sand Toys Set - 10pcs packed in a poly bag
PE1023 Sand Mould - Castle(A) 
PE1024 Sand Mould- Castle(B)
PE1020 Sand Mould- Aeroplane
PE1021 Sand Mould- Train
PE1019 Sand Mould- Tree
PE1022 Sand Mould- House


Page 3 - Intellect Bricks Toys
PE2048 Bricks - Sunflowers, packed in Boy-Bucket
PE3048 Bricks - Sunflowers, packed in Polybag
PE2052 Bricks - Cookie-shape, packed in Boy-Bucket
PE3052 Bricks - Cookie-shape, packed in Polybag
PE2047 Bricks - Turnitures packed in Boy-Bucket
PE3047 Bricks - Turnitures packed in Polybag
PE4047 Bricks - Turnitures packed in Bucket
PE2065 Bricks - Big Double-Top Bricks, packed in Boy-Bucket
PE3065 Bricks - Big Double-Top Bricks, packed in Polybag
PE4065 Bricks - Big Double-Top Bricks, packed in Bucket
PE2049 Bricks - Disk-shaped, packed in Boy-Bucket
PE3049 Bricks - Disk-shaped, packed in Printed Box
PE2061 Bricks - Cube Bricks. packed in Boy-Bucket
PE3061 Bricks - Cube Bricks. packed in Polybag
PE2066 Build and Play Table with Bricks
PE2063 Gearing Wheel Bricks


Page 4 - Battery-operated Toys and Inertia Cars
PE091 B/O Shaking Mac-Gun
PE084 Sedan-Royce Ross , 11"(27cm)long, Friction
PE083 Racing Car, 8"(20CM)Long, Friction
PE085 Sedan- Mercedes, 8"(20cm)long, Friction
PE086 Tubro Racing Car, 8"(20cm), Friction
PE082 Racing Car, 6"(16cm), Friction
PE087 Racing Car, 6"(16cm), Friction

Company Correspondence:

International Sales Office:
Superluck Industrial Centre, Ph 1, 3/F, Blk F, 45-53 Sha Tsui Rd., Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 2490-7815

Fax:         (852)2413-5837

Postal address: GPO Box 11427 Hong Kong

Electronic mail : "Sales"<pongmart@netvigator.com>

General Information: "Customer Service"<pongmart@netvigator.com>
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