Energy Breaker: Game Review

Energy Breaker was released by Taito summer 96 for the SFC. It is a "simulation-RPG" with small-scale combat. Japanese comprehension (including Kanji) is required.

Energy Breaker has a reasonably innovative game system. The energy balance system regulates the special attacks that the characters learn and use. Each battle turn, the characters move and attack under the balance point system. There are over 60 battles.

The combat is small-scale, with only up tp 5 party characters. Most battles can be fought under 20 minutes. Personally, I prefer this kind of small-scale but playable battles: although some reviewers claimed that the battles are shallow because of the small scale, I don't find a larger-scale, orthodox battle in, say, Shining Force, to have any more playability (strategic depth, rather than tediousness) than this one, with interesting tactics focused on the characters. The battles are no doubt more interesting than the orthodox DQ system.

The game system is well-balanced: lots of special attacks to be used in different situations, and useful expendable items (there is a carrying capacity limit). The game balance is easy (I think), so this game is suited to novice S-RPG players, though an experienced player may also find some enjoyment because of the innovation.

Graphics and music are top-quality (among SFC games). The story is good, involving time-travel elements. There is a lively talk system, but it has not been made too much use of. The game is easily enjoyable for S-RPG players of all levels. I recommend this game to all S-RPG players who can read Japanese.


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