半茶匙乾酵種可造一品脫(250 cc)酸乳酪


先煲奶(或豆漿)250 cc然待涼至43度攝氏. 奶要拌得均勻;

取出一 /兩湯匙的奶,把乾酵種開稀;然後倒回到其餘的塑膠(或玻璃)瓶中, 小心拌勻。 之後以清潔茶巾(或蓋)稍微密封上,存放在黑暗43度攝氏(不可低於30)地方, 不要移動;

1224小時後即自動凝固成為雪花膏狀的天然酸乳酪,最好即吃(或凝固後便要放到冰箱裹貯藏, 兩天內吃完)

吃之前先留起一茶匙,作為新鮮的酵種,便可作為下次(但最好即造), 直接再造酸乳酪用

所有盛器一定要消毒, 不可用不袗等金屬;  否則不成

歡迎查詢  先生(電話:香港852-64220810, 23220136)





Kefir grain/cow milk 製造的 乾酵種

HKD: 30.00(不含郵資,請附上25郵資--本港HKD1.40回郵信封)有大約5cc(半茶匙乾酵種) 可足夠做多23, 500750cc酸乳酪



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c) Paypal

Account email address: weenteem *****************************************************************************************************************

ii)盒裝椰子奶(200ml/鍚纸包, 可造220cc乳酪x 2, )—印尼純椰子奶, 方便, 一天可吃, 省時, 健康

HKD 7.50/; 








i)Homemade yoghurt


Homemade yoghurt is consumed throughout the world and is the norm where yoghurt has an important place in traditional

cuisine, such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Montenegro, Greece[1] and India. It can be made with a small amount of store-bought

plain live active culture yoghurt as the starter culture. One recipe starts with a litre of low-fat milk and requires

some means of incubating the fermenting yoghurt at a constant 43°C (109°F) for several hours. Yoghurt-making machines

 are available for this purpose. As an alternative, a heating pad sold in pharmacies for muscle aches may be set at medium

with a pot of tepid water on top. Place the milk in the pot. As with all fermentation processes, cleanliness is very important.

Bring the milk to 85°C (185°F) over a stove and keep it there for two minutes to kill undesirable microbes.

Pour the re-pasteurised milk into a tall, sterile container and allow to cool to 43°C (110°F).

Mix in 120 ml of the warmed yoghurt and cover tightly.

After about six hours of incubation at precisely 43°C (110°F), the entire mixture becomes a very plain but edible yoghurt

 with a loose consistency.

The further below 43°C (110°F) the temperature, the longer it will take for the yoghurt to solidify. If a precise means of

 temperature control is not available, place the culture in a warm place, such as on top of a water heater or in a gas oven

with just the pilot flame burning. You may wrap a small towel around the container. An electric oven with the light on may

work nicely, depending on the bulb size. It is done when it no longer moves if you tilt the jar.

In Japan, Caspian Sea Yoghurt is a very popular homemade yoghurt. It is believed to have been introduced into the country

 by researchers in a sample brought back from Georgia in the Caucasus region in 1986. [2] This Georgian yogurt, called

 Matsoni, is mostly made up of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris and Acetobacter orientalis[3] and has a uniquely viscous,

 honey-like texture and is milder in taste than many other yoghurts.

Caspian Sea yoghurt is well-suited for making yoghurt at home because it require no special equipment and cultures at room

temperature (20–30°C) in about 10 to 15 hours, depending on the temperature. [4] In Japan, freeze-dried starter cultures

are sold in big department stores or online, although many people obtain starter cultures from friends as well.


General instructions: sterilise all utensils, containers and lids in boiling water prior to use.

Stir the freeze-dried starter in a container into about 250 ml of milk and cover it with a lid. Incubation time is

approximately 12-36 hours from starter. Make the next batch as below using the actual yoghurt as the starter.

In the winter, use about one part yoghurt to four parts milk. In the summer, use about one part yoghurt to nine parts milk.


Place the lid gently on top of the container so as to allow some air in, but prevent contamination. Leave in a clean dry

place for 10-15 hours or until thick. This may take less than 10 hours in the summer and longer than 15 hours in the winter.

Some thickening of the yoghurt will occur in the refrigerator.

The yoghurt can be stored in the refrigerator for a week or longer.

To reduce contamination, always make the next batch of yoghurt before using the current batch, and use the containers only

for making yoghurt.




(a)Made from :Kefir grain/cow milk


A)HKD: 30.00(grain cost) + 2.00(postage), total HKD32


i)By post with your self - addressed envelope  + cheque payable to


Ms Chiu Mei Lan, or


ii))By post with your self - addressed envelope + credit slip showing


HANG SENG BANK, saving Account : 2836121323

send them to

Rm 7C, Block 3, Hilltop Centre, 33 Fung Shing Street, WTS, Hong Kong, then


This is for Hong Kong residents, then we mail the grain to you , about 5cc(half tea spoon) for 2 to 3 times,

equivalent to 500 to 750 cc kefir drink



B)If you are in overseas(outside HK)


i)By Paypal

USD 5.0(USD 4- for grain cost + 1- for mail postage) to account email address:,


then email the payment date and your address for mailing the grain

, about 5cc(half tea spoon) for 2 to 3 times, equivalent to 500 to 750 cc kefir drink, or


ii)By enclosing USD5.00 notes--WRAPPED WITH THICK PAPER TO COVER UP IT, with your self addressed envelop, send them to

Rm 7C, Block 3, Hilltop Centre, 33 Fung Shing Street, WTS, Hong Kong. Upon receiving,

the grain will be mailed to you , about 5cc(half tea spoon) for 2 to 3 times, equivalent to 500 to 750 cc kefir drink



Coconut milk   (200cc/tin foil pack(for 2 cups of 220 cc Kefir drink,) HKD7.50-/pack ;Indonesia pure coconut milk easy preparation delicious and healthy.. Completion within 24 hours


For details of Kefir drink, please visit web sites


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